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Winning Presentations

Become a powerful & persuasive presenter – performance improvement guaranteed!

Business need

Communicating, either to win new business or to influence an internal audience, has never been so dependent upon outstanding presentations. Few courses offer such total involvement with an absolute guarantee of individual performance improvement. Through video feedback on at least two occasions, delegates witness dramatic performance improvement, leaving them 100% more confident than when they arrived.

Who will benefit?

Anyone making presentations to customers in a sales situation or to an internal audience.

High spot

* Performance improvement guaranteed – with more opportunities to practise your technique than any other similar programme, we guarantee, whatever your level, you’ll leave a more powerful and confident presenter

Key learning points

* Set the right objectives – what do you want to achieve and what does your audience want to hear?

* Clearly structure your presentation – motivate and persuade your audience

* Open and close your presentation – for maximum impact

* Use confidence cards effectively – ensure you don’t ‘dry up’, whilst retaining spontaneity

* Create Interest Peaks – avoid the light of interest fading from your audience’s eyes!

* Avoid ‘death by PowerPoint’ – retain your audience’s attention with the right screens and right content

* Use your voice to its full potential – make maximum use of your natural asset

* Handle questions during your presentation – obtain audience involvement and commitment

* Look forward to your next presentation!

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