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The Psychology of Selling

You make the difference!

Business need

As every sales professional knows, excellent communication is critical at all stages of the customer relationship - create the wrong impression at any time and a hot prospect or profitable customer may be lost forever. This dynamic course will help you to understand yourself, as well as others, allowing you to refine your key skills and apply them with greater success.

Who will benefit?

Ideal for those who have attended previous TACK sales courses to consolidate and further develop their skills. This course is of equal benefit to experienced salespeople, fully conversant with the basics of selling, who want to enhance their selling skills.

High spots

* The TACK Sales Profile - through self analysis, this practical, enlightening exercise enables you to see yourself as your customers see you, helping you to evolve from salesperson to business manager!

* Interactive Case Study - running throughout the programme, the account management project enhances your understanding of different interpersonal styles, as you work closely with your fellow delegates in project teams

* Drill Down to FIND Solutions - become a skilful investigator by employing TACK’s powerful questioning model. Use our 4 phase questioning technique to get to the heart of your customers’ unidentified and identified needs

Key learning points

* Maximise your strengths and overcome your weaknesses - by developing your own personal action and development plan

* Adapt your interpersonal style - understand your own style and that of others; use the most appropriate selling behaviour for each customer’s needs

* Analyse your customers’ behaviour and motivations - understand the balance of emotion and logic and your own ‘Priority Needs’ along with those of your customers

* Understand non-verbal communication - a session on advanced non-verbal skills (body language, mirroring, leading, etc) will improve this essential skill

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