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Intelligent Account Management             

Your company’s key accounts are your competitors’ key prospects. Your profits depend more on acquiring, protecting and developing key accounts than on any other single activity. During our Key Account Development course you'll identify ‘who’s who in the zoo’ in terms of organisation structures, politics and power and how to motivate key influencers and decision makers to help you beat the competition.

To give the programme that all important ‘edge’ you will take away TACK IQ on CD-ROM which will help you apply the TACK Key Account Management System to your account portfolio long after the course has finished.

TACK IQ is designed to complement the content of the course and is an easy to use electronic account development system enabling key account managers to save time, consolidate critical business information, plan their strategy and ultimately deliver profitable key account business.

The system is totally flexible and you can use the elements you find most valuable to research your key customers, assess where the power lies, forecast revenue and plan tactical activities

Using TACK IQ you can:

* Assess whether an account is in fact a KEY account

* Manage multiple sites, locations, branches

* Map out the decision process visually

* Share information and provide internal updates on the progress you make within your key accounts

* Import all key documents, eg annual reports

* Categorise the different personalities involved in your account

* Assess your competitive position and devise your strategy accordingly

* Conduct a regular SWOT analysis, save the data and compare to the current situation

* Forecast objectively, consistently and accurately

* Plan negotiations and key presentations with the built in checklist tools

* Coordinate daily activities with the Event Planner

* Access key notes and materials taught on the course through the built in TACK Library

"TACK IQ is intuitive. It helps me to draw a clear picture of the key people and operational structure of my key accounts. In our own office database there is no way to show these links."

Stephen Greer, Sales Executive, Brain Boxes