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Successful Networking

Turn contacts into business

Business need

Everyone in a business environment knows that nothing is more valuable than personal contacts. The ability to network is a skill which can significantly aid you in any role and in your career development. Being in the same place with potential useful contacts and customers is not enough. You have to use your time and your skills to maximum effect. This very practical workshop shows you how to make the most of every opportunity and give you the confidence to develop this key skill.

High spots

* Communicate with the right people in the right way – we are not all the same, improve how you communicate with and relate to others

* Identify and adapt your style to different types of people – learn about other people’s interpersonal styles and see yourself as others see you

* Set clear objectives and targets for every networking opportunity - prepare and plan with the aid of a checklist

* Deliver powerful personal introductions – practice high impact ‘elevator pitches’ and ‘one-liners’

* Get your point across to groups, fast – prepare and present a ‘just a minute speech’ to say all you need to say to a group of listeners

* Be adept at initiating conversations – break the ice with people you don’t know

* Quickly qualify people – establish if it’s worth spending time with each other

* Create a lasting impression – motivate people to want to speak with you again

* Use business cards to best effect – the do’s and don’ts of using your own and other people’s business cards

* ‘Work the room’ – a practical session to help you use your time effectively by closing conversations graciously and moving on quickly