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Profitable Sales Management

Direct a winning team

Business need

With strategic sales management responsibilities you must be a strong leader, responsive motivator, efficient organiser, accurate forecaster, numerate budgeter, inspired speaker, whilst being a successful salesperson! This challenging course will help you develop exceptional all round business skills.

Who will benefit?

Experienced, newly appointed or potential sales managers or those responsible for the overall performance of the sales team. This course is of equal benefit to those who may not manage a sales team but require a broad appreciation of sales management.

High spots

* The Business Project – this enjoyable and challenging exercise combines competition, fun and the practical application of financial and marketing principles learnt during the programme

* The TACK Leadership Profile – during this enlightening exercise you’ll find out how you are perceived by others and how you can change that perception if you want to

Key learning points

* Analyse the performance of your salespeople – along with your management response to individual development needs

* Analyse your sales channels and market strategy – optimise your resources by utilising the correct channel from lead generation to strategic account management

* Analyse the market and increase your share – by using the concepts of Total Market Opportunity and the Customer Portfolio Matrix

* Develop your sales managers and sales team – through performance management and coaching

* Recruit high quality salespeople – and keep them!

* Improve your team’s success – by motivating every member

* Devise your strategy and tactics to address the complex issues surrounding remote management

* Assess the impact of your strategic price and budget decisions on the overall corporate budget – the affect on cash flow, profit and ROI

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