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PRO-PAYBACK Selling® Sales Training Course

Deliver exceptional sales results with TACK's internationally proven PRO-PAYBACK Selling® model

Business need

Effective selling is the lifeblood of any organisation. But increased competition and higher customer expectations make it tough to close both new and repeat business. This intensive and interactive programme will equip your salespeople with a comprehensive and practical toolkit of professional, solution driven sales techniques to totally satisfy their customers and defeat the competition.

Who will benefit?

Newly appointed salespeople from any sales background or those with limited training or experience. Management or non-sales personnel who need a greater sales awareness will also benefit from attending.

High spots

* The TACK PRO-PAYBACK Selling® model - a powerful formula that guides you through the complete sales process from planning right through to closing and developing the account
* You'll leave the course with a series of worksheets - tailored to your business, which follow each step of the sale and can be used immediately after the course
* TACK's internationally renowned 'You, We, I' philosophy - an invaluable framework to understand what makes your customers 'tick'
* The Customer Motivation Model - build your own confidence and communicate the all important 'You Appeal' of your product/service to motivate and persuade your customers

Key learning points

* Assess your own selling style and adapt it to meet the needs of your customers - gain a unique insight into what buyers like and dislike in salespeople, you may be surprised!
* Reduce wasted travelling time and maximise face to selling time - by adopting TACK's Selling by Objectives process which helps you to become more proactive and focused
* Gain and retain your customers' attention every time - learn the importance of a Purpose Statement to win your customers' attention and focus the call
* Obtain relevant information - ask effective open, closed, probing and linking questions and observe body language to establish your customers' true priorities, opinions, concerns and motivators. Then tailor your offer to meet the needs you have identified
* Respond professionally to customer objections - understand the psychology and leave the course with a formula to help you respond to major objections
* Deal with difficult buyers - learn why some customers are particularly challenging to deal with and plan your approach to silent, over-talkative, inattentive or indecisive buyers
* Gain commitment and close the business profitably - the decision point can be extremely difficult but we'll help you to identify Buying Signals and apply the logical Agreement Staircase so you know when and how to close on your objectives
* Maximise your telephone appointment making techniques and your cold calling approach - leave the course with an invaluable toolkit of ideas to be successful in this tough area