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PRO-PAYBACK Selling® eLearning in Action

eLearning + 2 days

The course fee includes 12 months eLearning licence for a named individual plus a 2 day intensive skills practice workshop.

Get the best of all worlds with blended learning, the flexibility and time efficiency of online learning integrated with the benefits of face to face coaching, practice and experiential learning.

Business need:

Skills and knowledge are vital components of the successful salesperson’s toolkit. Applying those skills is, in reality, very challenging to do. This unique programme blends TACK’s proven PRO-PAYBACK Selling™ model with eLearning and a highly practical 2 day skills practice workshop.

Who will benefit:

This programme is designed for new and experienced salespeople from any selling background as well as managers and non salespeople requiring greater sales awareness.

High spots:

* Apply the 10 stages of the PRO-PAYBACK Selling® model to your own sales situation – through a series of interactive exercises, case studies and role-plays on and off line
* Assess your selling style, the impact it has on others and when you need to ‘flex’
* Analyse your own performance and identify areas for further development and practise – with support from fellow delegates and coaching from your course leader
* Take your sales skills to a higher level – access to your eLearning for 12 months and an intensive 2 day workshop to practice your skills will help you achieve sustainable improvement and results