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PRO-PAYBACK Selling® by Telephone

Delivering profitable business over the telephone

Business Need

With more and more business conducted over the telephone every call is an opportunity for increased profits and improved customer loyalty. But to excel in this critical area requires you to master some distinct techniques – and this course has been specifically designed to do just that.

Who will benefit?

Anyone responsible for making outbound telesales calls to customers or prospects.

High spots

* ‘Voicemail - friend or foe?’ – learn how to make voicemail work for you

* The TACK Telephone Laboratory – put your new skills into practice while you’re still on the course!

Key learning points

* Apply the special skills required to sell over the phone – become a top achiever

* Assess your own selling style and adapt it to meet the needs of your customers – use the TACK Telephone Sales Questionnaire to identify your style and the implications it has on your sales approach

* Get the most out of every outbound call – adopt TACK’s Selling by Objectives process to help you become more proactive and focused

* Overcome the barriers – we’ll provide you with a range of best practice pre-approach techniques to help you get through to the right people each time

* Open the call with a Purpose Statement – your opening can make or break the call so plan your strategy to gain and retain your customers’ attention

* Apply TACK’s internationally renowned ‘You Appeal’ concept – establish your customers’ needs and present the benefits of your offer

* Respond professionally to customer objections – understand the psychology and leave the course with a formula to help you respond to major objections

* Close business profitably over the phone – learn when and how to close with the TACK Agreement Staircase

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