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Motivational Leadership

Meet today’s challenge, create tomorrow’s success

Business need

Successful leaders achieve the right results by gaining the support and confidence of their team and by inspiring each member to develop the confidence to realise their full potential. During this highly participative middle management course you’ll identify your own strengths and weaknesses and plan personal performance improvement points. You’ll also discover how to achieve the highest level of performance from your team by adapting your leadership style to match the needs of different individuals and different situations.

Through self-assessment and 360º questionnaires completed by your team, colleagues or management before the programme, you’ll receive constructive feedback, enabling you to raise your awareness and plan your future development. This intensive and interactive programme will equip you with a comprehensive and practical managers’ toolkit which will help you become a truly motivational leader.

Who will benefit?

Middle-level managers responsible for leading, motivating and controlling other people will benefit from attending this programme. It is also ideal for anyone who is about to assume a people management role for the first time.

High spots

* The opportunity to address a problem you may currently have with a member of your team - your fellow delegates will help you to find some answers and potential solutions to the leadership challenges you face

* 360º feedback from your team, colleagues and management – will help you to see yourself through other people’s eyes and make the changes you need. The feedback is confidential and anonymous, allowing you to gain maximum benefit from the exercise

Key learning points

* Develop and maintain personal authority as a leader – understand your own ‘natural’ style and how to adapt it to get the most from different individuals and different situations

* Give clear direction to your team by planning, implementing and evaluating their work – set clear objectives and regularly review with each team member

* Build strong personal relationships – apply the right interpersonal skills to individual situations

* Motivate your team – understand that people are motivated by different things and use both traditional and new methods to inspire, incentivise and motivate your team for best performance

* Delegate and empower team members – learn the difference between the two techniques and set specific objectives for improvement

* Conduct effective and positive performance appraisals – achieve buy-in and gain commitment from each team member and ensure constructive, results oriented appraisals become part of the regular routine, not just an annual activity

* Analyse performance problems – establish why they exist and use constructive techniques to improve results

* Improve your coaching techniques – pass your knowledge on to your team

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