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Measuring Training Return on Investment

1 day workshop

Don’t guess, don’t hope … know your ROI and prove it!

Plan the measurement and communication of your real bottom line results to further raise your HR and training profile

Training can no longer be justified with vague promises of ‘it will be good for our people’. In today’s cost conscious environment training departments have to convince their CEOs and boards of directors that training expenditure will translate into real results.

TACK’s practical workshop will let you access and apply Kirkpatrick Level 4 to your own training priorities. It is designed for HR and training directors, learning and development professionals and anyone who is responsible for planning and purchasing training.

You will leave the day with

* a presentation fully justifying, in the language of the board room, a learning initiative that you have selected to bring value to your business

* 6 step model that is transferable to all functions that drive your people’s performance

* ROI Calculator

* TACK Tips. Course tips by text so you continue to benefit after the programme

Please note places are limited to 15 to support an interactive workshop and to address your own challenges and business situations. Come prepared so you can work on your own business issues and learning interventions. Bring a laptop to input to your 'ROI calculator' that you will be provided with on the day.

On the day you will

* Review Kirkpatrick’s four levels of training evaluation - identify methods of measurement, benefits and drawbacks, and identify options to overcome difficulties of measurement for each level

* Practise linking learning initiatives to strategic objectives and business issues

* Apply financial techniques to different types of learning initiative (skills, behavioural, leadership, personal development initiatives)

* Understand the concepts of 4 methods of evaluating projects: Benefit/cost, payback period, Return on Investment, Net Present Value

* Produce your draft presentation justifying a real learning opportunity in your workplace

* Plan the measurement and communication of real bottom line results to further raise your profile of HR/Training

Email us at info@tack.ie and ask about possible additional dates and information for the ‘Return on Investment in Training’ workshop.