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Leadership in Senior Management

Achieve high level results by developing high level people

Business need

The higher you go in an organisation, the more important the people aspects of your job become. But people issues don’t become easier as people become more senior. This, coupled with the unrelenting pace of change in today’s business environment, means you need to direct and motivate your senior staff to enable them to cope and thrive on change. This intensive and interactive programme will show you how to do exactly that.

You’ll analyse where your business is now and how to move it on to where you want it to be in the future. Through psychometric analysis, self-assessment and 360º questionnaires completed by your team, colleagues or management before the programme, you’ll receive constructive feedback, enabling you to raise your awareness and plan your future development. You’ll leave equipped to play a major leadership role in your organisation.

Who will benefit?

This course is designed for directors and senior managers with leadership responsibilities. Other senior executives who contribute to the strategic management of their organisations, or those who are about to be promoted to such positions, will also benefit from attending this course.

High spots

* Apply the TACK Leadership Profile – honest feedback allows you to understand how you come across and what areas you need to develop

* 360º feedback from your team, colleagues and management – will help you to see yourself through other people’s eyes and make the changes you need. The feedback is confidential and anonymous, allowing you to gain maximum benefit from the exercise

* Take away practical tools to help you assess and analyse performance, performance problems, and motivation – all of which can be used as soon as you return to work

Key learning points

* Appreciate the critical importance of leadership throughout your organisation - understand the difference strong leadership makes and what it means in practice

* Consider your current position and determine whether any changes to your strategy, vision or culture are required – learn what constitutes a good leader and what areas, if any, you need to change

* Develop the right organisational structure – introduce a positive culture which will ensure you achieve your objectives

* Develop authority and influence – assess your current style and how effective it is in today’s ever demanding workplace

* Assess your motivation techniques – tailor them to suit the needs of each individual

* Provide effective coaching and mentoring – at a senior level

* Build effective teams – recognise the different roles each team member plays and how to mix them effectively

* Analyse performance – carry out effective performance appraisals to set standards and confront performance problems

* Introduce empowerment and ‘Enabling Leadership’ – create an environment where people are trained and trusted to work on their own initiative to meet clearly defined objectives

* Manage conflict – encourage positive and constructive debate

* Introduce and manage change – understand that change is the only constant and help your team to embrace and thrive on change

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