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Financial Understanding for Sales Professionals

Get the sale and look after the money!

Business need

Sales professionals know that highly tuned sales and people skills alone do not guarantee success. You need an understanding of the make up and importance of cost structures and pricing of your business and your customers’ business in order to present persuasive proposals and to negotiate wisely and with confidence. Mastering this means you can make a positive impact on your organisation’s profits and those of your customer.

Who will benefit?

Any business to business salesperson, sales and senior sales managers, wishing to improve their commercial understanding and financial sales skills will benefit. It is assumed that delegates have had no previous financial training. Salespeople who deal with professional buyers and key accounts will benefit from a deeper understanding of business objectives to improve relationships and negotiations.

High spots

* Make financial reports come to life - an opportunity to review your own financial reports and discuss them with our accountant

* Demystify financials - with case studies, practical exercises, computer spreadsheets and a jargon busting guide

Key learning points

* Evaluate what your customers are trying to achieve with their business - appreciate the relationship between the make up of the business structure and costs and your customer’s objectives

* Assess how your decisions and actions affect your company’s profitability - using case studies and practical exercises see how a profitable deal could still kill your company

* Interpret and make full use of company accounts - use financials selectively and knowledgeably to reveal the financial health and pressure points that a customer is under before you make your sales call

* Prepare more useable sales forecasts - know what tools to use, how to apply them to produce a range of possible benefits and understand the likely outcomes

* Assess the impact of pricing - what factors affect the pricing decision and when to employ different strategies in different markets

* Increase your value to your company - think of yourself as a profit centre and the contribution you make to the bottom line

* Present a persuasive financial case - target your customer’s known hot issues and help them to achieve their objectives