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Effective Supervisory Management

Develop and empower a highly motivated team by developing your supervisor skills

Business need

Successful team leaders achieve their objectives through their teams. This practical supervisor training course equips you with the skills you need to help each member of your team achieve their maximum potential. You will have lots of opportunities to assess your own strengths and weaknesses in a supportive environment, exchange ideas with other supervisors and managers from a wide variety of backgrounds and to develop your own performance improvement programme.

Who will benefit?

Effective Supervisory Management is deisgned for newly appointed team leaders, supervisors or managers responsible for leading, controlling and motivating others. This course is of equal benefit to those with experience but no formal training who may need to refresh their skills.

High spots

* ‘Building the Molecule’ – understand the importance of allocating the right tasks to the right people through this interactive team exercise

* ‘The Human Relations Maze’ – apply different approaches and styles to solve problems; empower your team to devise their own solutions to the challenges they face

Regional Supervisor Training Courses

TACK's Effective Supervisory Management courses run at venues nationwide including: Bolton, Cheshire, Coventry, Crewe, Daventry, Glasgow, Leeds, London, Loughborough, Milton Keynes, Northampton, Nottigham, Reading, Surrey, Swindon, Wakefield and Windsor.

Effective Supervisory Management - what will I learn?

Key learning points

* Create a clear picture of your business objectives – use the right criteria when setting priorities and key performance indicators with your boss and with your team members

* Effectively handle interview situations – avoid failure by fully preparing for recruitment, correction, counselling or appraisal interviews

* Set up and organise your team – achieve your objectives and select and induct new team members for maximum performance

* Use your authority flexibly – through case studies which will help you to clearly identify the most appropriate mix of authority styles for each of your team members in different circumstances

* Keep your team motivated – objective analysis will determine how motivated each team member is; agree motivational targets, rewards and incentives and minimise ‘demotivators’

* Use TACK’s STEM Analysis – identify the root causes of communications issues and become an ‘active listener’ to compensate for other people’s weak communication

* Conduct powerful team briefings – inspire your team, develop strategies and tactics for dealing with difficult people or delivering news on difficult topics

* Correct ‘below standard’ performance – understand the differences between informal correction and formal disciplinary procedures and when to use each approach. Develop a range of approaches for criticising constructively but assertively through role-plays

* Delegate and empower – overcome your fear of losing control; develop techniques for monitoring the progress of delegated tasks

* Action plan for improved performance – you’ll leave the programme with an Action Folder containing a Purple Page for each key topic, helping you to achieve maximum performance improvement when you return to work

The Next Step

Delegates should complete this programme by attending Effective Supervisory Management 2 within 2-3 months