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Transform performance with this powerful skill

Business need

Coaching is one of the most important management skills to develop the abilities of your people – helping them to find ways to maximise their strengths and solve problems. Effective coaching can only be fully understood through practice. This highly participative workshop demonstrates how to coach different types of people to achieve winning levels of performance.

High spots

* Recognise when coaching should be used – differentiate between coaching, mentoring and counselling and understand your own level of expertise

* Manage effective coaching relationships – gain commitment from the coachee and establish clear contracts

* Create a positive coaching environment – preparation for sessions is key!

* Understand the impact of your coaching style – be aware of your personal coaching style and how to develop it

* Apply your skills to a wide range of needs – take away frequently used techniques to instantly put into practice and build upon

* Respond to ethical issues – explore the possible issues and prepare yourself to handle them

* Handle performance correction – use motivational techniques to enhance overall results

* Become a great coach – take away your own personal action plan to support you in your commitment and continual development