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Channel Partner Excellence

Motivate and develop profitable distributor channel business

Business need

Meet the tough challenge of selling through third parties that are not under your direct control. Learn how to combine the roles of salesperson, trainer, financial manager, business advisor and marketer to guide and motivate your distributors and get the best from the relationship.

Who will benefit?

This course is ideal for those who wish to achieve sales through UK or international indirect networks (distributors, wholesale outlets, agents, brokers, franchisees and re-sellers). Managers wishing to develop their skills to motivate and manage the performance of their partners will find it particularly beneficial. It is of equal benefit to those who are new to or experienced in channel management.

High Spots

* Some courses tell you ‘what to do’ – this very practical programme shows you ‘how to do it’ and that’s what delegates find so valuable in the development of their channel partners

* Business simulation - run and manage your own distributorship, making all the types of decisions that distributors have to make

* Help your partners manage their sales process – rather than selling on their behalf

Key Learning Points

* Use marketing to promote your business profitably – use the marketing model to create the influence you want for your business and help achieve your joint objectives

* Become a flexible and effective channel manager – understand that different channels need different management approaches and adapt your approach

* Motivate your distributors for a win/win outcome – apply the concept of Priority Needs and learn how to satisfy those of your distributor principal and their sales team

* Take control of your financial objectives – financial principles underpin the objective of the relationship. Identify what the figures really represent and apply the principles of finance for maximum return

* Implement distributor training programmes that ‘stick’ – apply the learning techniques and professional training models that make training for this specialist audience motivational, memorable, participative and fun

* Apply the principle of ‘Partnership Selling’ – recognise the difference between training on the job and joint calling and avoid the pitfalls

* Assess and manage performance - improve your monitoring through the application of KPIs and how they apply in selling through a distributor

Delegates attending this programme will also benefit from attending Channel Strategy & Planning.