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Appointment Making

Create more opportunities with qualified appointments

Business need

Finding new clients in the face of increased resistance is the challenge of virtually every business. This programme focuses on increasing your opportunities to gain more ‘qualified’ appointments with prospects who genuinely want to meet you and hear about what impact your product or service can have on their business.

High Spots

* Generate more qualified appointments – use a structure to make your calls to give you greater control and confidence

* Get through to the decision maker – deal with gate keepers and influencers professionally and with confidence

* Open the call and gain the contact’s attention – instantly engage in an effective conversation!

* Create and establish the need for an appointment – use logic questions and listening skills so you can match the benefits of your products or services to the needs identified

* Apply yhe Customer Motivation Model – use the concept of ‘You Appeal’ so the solution you’re introducing meets the needs and wants you’ve uncovered

* Establish rapport – build a relationship throughout the call

* Handle objections with confidence – respond to questions professionally and build a better understanding of your prospect

* Close on the appointment – motivate your prospect to say “yes” by applying the right close to your call